What’s new this week?

Terracycling at St Mary’s!

You may have noticed the storage units installed in the porch, and the bespoke unit that Brian has so cleverly crafted. We are now participating in “Terracycling”, a scheme which enables us to recycle things which we would otherwise throw into landfill.

The third scheme we are adopting is for the recycling of :


Any make of biscuit or cracker wrapper (any size) ~ Cracka wheat, rice crackers, Prawn crackers~ Individual biscuit wrappers (eg penguins) ~ the outer wrapper including clear cellophane wrappers from biscuits and mini rolls.~ individual wrappers from crackers~ anything with a biscuit/wafer in it ~ rice cakes, Twiglets, Mini Cheddars, Hovis crackers, children’s snack packets/snack bars ~ breadstick packets (no cardboard packaging)

(No other cellophane can be taken, even it appears to be the same.)

Our fourth scheme we are adopting is for the recycling of:


These must have either a 2 or a 4 in the recycling triangle logo bit.


The full details of the scheme are available on our website and also are printed out at church (on top of the recycling bins) for reference

What else is happening ?

· You’re invited to join our Fellowship Study Group as we focus on the environment; see details in this newsletter

· We have our ’Festival of Creation’  on 2/3 October this year and hope you will join in as a visitor, exhibitor or both. Confirmed exhibitors include the Alternative Quilt group and  Garland Junior School. We are talking to several other groups and hope to include an activity that will allow you to be creative and “speak up” (see below!) to your MP. Please talk to Alison Eves if you have an idea or belong to a group who would like to take part in this festival

Our last session in our sermon series was about

           ‘Speaking Up’ about climate issues.  Here are a couple of               

 ways you could do so if you would like to participate: 

The Climate Coalition https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/

I, which is a combined group of concerned

organisations (including the Church of England) is calling on us all to sign

The Time is now’ Declaration’ to:

‘Use your voice to tell politicians that you want a cleaner, greener, fairer future at the heart of plans to rebuild a strong economy’ https://thetimeisnow.uk/

There were 146,822 SIGNATURES so far on Wednesday when I signed the declaration.

Greenpeace is another organisation (also a member of the Climate Coalition) who persistently campaign on climate issues https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/ Find out more for yourself.

I recently signed a petition against single use plastics.

I would also like to encourage you to pray for the ‘Environment Bill’ going through parliament at the moment , which is a Bill to:

make provision about targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment; for statements and reports about environmental protection; for the Office for Environmental Protection; about waste and resource efficiency; about air quality; for the recall of products that fail to meet environmental standards; about water; about nature and biodiversity; for conservation covenants; about the regulation of chemicals; and for connected purposes’.

So where to from here?

We hope you have felt challenged and inspired, rather than overwhelmed, by all we’ve

spoken about in terms of the climate crisis through our sermon series. 

Now it’s time to take action!

Have you begun to think about where you can make small changes and take those small steps to make a difference?  We’d love to hear from you.  We will be having feedback for and at our All Age service on 4th July on caring for creation, and we are hoping you will share your ideas so we can all learn from each other. Please send them in to our admin email address so that Janey can include them in our newsletter to share.

Help and advice!

 If you would like more help and advice on taking those small steps of faith Dr Ruth Valerio spoke about in last weeks video:

· Click Here for the link to her webpage on ‘Green Living’ giving accounts of her own efforts to live more sustainably.  Some of her ideas may appeal to you.

Some ideas from our ‘Tenants of the King’ sermon Series we have been following in June :

· REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, REFUSE – ‘Be content with what you have’ (Hebrews 13:5).

· READ THE LABELS – find out what you can recycle in your area by clicking HERE

· PLASTIC DETOX – choose alternatives to single-use plastics.

· LOAF YOUR GROCERIES – buy Local, Organic, Animal-friendly and Fairly-traded.

· LEARN MORE HEALTHY RECIPES – good for your body, and the environment.

· MEAT-FREE MONDAYS – don’t want to go ‘full-veggie’- try one meal a week instead

On our Diocesesan website there is a new section dedicated to the ‘environment’ –  find out more by clicking HERE 

· Please click HERE to read some advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint?

· It’s a good idea for Christians to reflect, think and pray about what difference we can each make– find help by clicking HERE 

      Revd Glynn