Easter Sunday: always a day of celebration, and particularly so this year. God willing, for the first time in 2021 we will be coming together in church as well as via Zoom, to praise our risen Savour and rejoice at His triumph over death. After the service we will have the opportunity to create something together, as an outward symbol of our faith and hope for the future.

The wooden cross which was placed on the grass in the churchyard for Remembrance Sunday will be placed there again. In November we filled it with poppies. On Easter Sunday you are invited to bring with you to church a small pot of flowers, and after the service we will all have the opportunity to place our pots within the hollow framework of the cross, creating a living Easter garden.

The flower-filled cross will stay in place for a while so that people visiting the churchyard can enjoy it. So please bring flowers which bring a perennial plant (e.g. spring bulbs such as small daffodils or hyacinths, or a flowering plant such as polyanthus), in a pot which is 15cms (6 inches) diameter or less, so that we can get a mass of different blooms inside the framework of the cross, and create something beautiful together. Afterwards the bulbs will be planted in the churchyard, to bloom again in the future.

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