Churchyard Community Work Party 10am Saturday 4 September

Brian & Eileen’s Churchyard sunset

The Parish Council and the Parochial Church Council have agreed to hold three churchyard working parties each year and are delighted to invite residents who are interested in the upkeep of the churchyard to join them.
Please bring suitable gardening equipment and clothing, together with friends, neighbours or family, and we shall carry out some additional maintenance to supplement that provided by the Council’s contractors (eight cuts per year -monthly April-October plus one other when required).
The churchyard at St Mary the Virgin church (St Marys) has been used for burials for at least 600 and probably more than 1000 years. It is far enough from the main road to be relatively free of traffic noise and is regularly visited by those who wish for a time of quiet reflection, whether or not they actually go into the Church building.
Many graves are regularly and lovingly maintained to a very high standard, but in other cases there are no family members left in the area able to carry out these duties, and the Parish Council carries out routine grass cutting, the cost of which is met from public finance. Invariably the British weather does not co-operate and as a result there are periods when the churchyard looks somewhat
By coming together, we can make an overall Improvement and appreciate the difficulties in meeting differing public expectations in this area.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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