Sunday 5th June we joined in celebrations around the country for our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as we blessed seven new roses along the pathway to St Mary’s Church, which were our contribution to the Queens Green Canopy initiative during her Platinum Jubilee year. The seven roses were each generously donated by individuals or organisations within our church and wider community, often in memory of loved ones or special occasions and we especially chose roses with names applicable to our beautiful church surroundings. They are firstly the ‘Queens Platinum Jubilee Rose’ followed by ‘Remembrance’, ‘Peace’, ‘Blessing’, ‘Grace’, ‘Loving Memory’ and ‘Bride and Groom’.  They have already given us beautiful displays this summer and we look forward to enjoying them for many years to come. Do come along and admire them too when you can. 
Frank, Bod and Chirpies bigger cage to allow them to start gaining strength to fly!

Frank, Bob and Chirpies outside Avery to allow them to fly below us releasing them into the wild 🙂
Frank, Bob and Chirpies new bed!