What on earth is ‘Messy Church?’,  ‘It sounds chaotic!’, ‘’It Sounds fun, What’s it about?’, ‘Is it just for children?’

These may be some of the questions you ask when you hear the words ‘Messy Church’.  But what is Messy Church all about?

You can now find a ‘Messy Church’ in many areas of our country and indeed around the world and all are based on the same concepts.  Messy Church is a way of being church for the whole family and for all ages. It provides an opportunity for families to worship and grow together in the Christian community. Its about fun, fellowship, worship and food.

The ‘fellowship’ comes from meeting together initially over a cup of tea or coffee and chat, with some activities.  It continues over a couple of hours as we spend time together getting to know one another. ‘Fun’ is introduced though an extended time of crafts, which are always associated with a biblical story or theme. These works of art are messy and great fun, with parents or carers and children creating them together. A short time of worship follows, with a bible story, songs and prayers before we end with ‘Tea’.

At St Mary’s we usually have Messy Church three times a year, so look out for the dates which we publish and circulate in advance. It takes place on a Saturday afternoon from 3.30-5.30pm.  After the crafts and worship, the children have a good tea, supervised by their parents or carers and the adults and children both enjoy a selection of cakes for ‘dessert’ afterwards.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next Messy Church on Saturday 28th September 2019.