There has been a church at Burghfield since the time of the Domesday Book, but the current building was completed in 1843, making it 175 years old in 2018. We would like to celebrate the place of this lovely building in our community…and we need your help.

175th Anniversary Service: 10am Sunday 24 June

Our Archdeacon, Ven. Olivia Graham, will be preaching at this service to mark our special anniversary. All are welcome, young and old. Come and celebrate the role of this building in your life!


Box Kart Bash

The wonderful Burghfield Santas are holding the second annual Box Kart Bash on 24th June, our celebration weekend. Come and see us on the Hatch: we will have a small selection of items from our exhibitions, and delicious cakes for sale! Then go onto church for the full experience!

Exhibitions galore!

St Mary’s Snaps

It would be fascinating to see pictures of the church in use over the past decades. We are planning an exhibition of photos taken in and around the church: photos taken by, and of, the people whom the church belongs to: the people of Burghfield and Burghfield Common. Have you got a copy of a wedding, or baptism, or party, or any other occasion, taken in and around the church? Could you share this with us and the community? If so, please send a copy of your photo, with any information you would like displayed (an approximate date would be great, and names of people if you are willing) and you can be part of this picture history! How great it will be to see fashions and hairstyles changing…and to see how the building and the grounds have evolved. Please be a part of this! Physical copies to 29 Clayhill Road, or register here or electronic copies to by Friday 15th June

Memory Book and postcard and historic photo exhibition

At the May Fayre we will start a Memory Book, for everyone to write their own special memories of St Mary’s. Come and read what others have written and add your own memories either at the May Fayre or on the Celebration Weekend. We will also have a collection of postcards relating to the Parish, and photo albums from past celebrations and events, usually held at the Berkshire Record Office.

Celebration of Creativity

Please tell us about any kind of creativity, we want to celebrate everything that goes on in our community and makes it such a rich and wonderful place to live! What have you, or a group you belong to, created that you’re proud of and could share with you neighbours? (How to register: see below)

  • Objects could include; vegetables you’ve grown, flower arranging, lego models, knitting, sewing, drawing, writing, crochet, baking, cake decorating, paper crafts, painting, woodwork, ceramics……what have we forgotten?
  • Or maybe you have something you’ve created, but it is not a physical object: a community event, a friendship group, a new club, a local charity…… again, please fill in the gaps, and share with us. Bring photos, leaflets, a description, something to represent your creation, and set up a table.

Children’s Competitions

Local schools have been invited to participate in a competition to celebrate the anniversary: come along and see the entries, and the prize-winning posters!

The exhibitions will be on the weekend of 23rd and 24th June 2018, at St Mary’s Church, Burghfield.  We will set up the displays on the evening of Friday 22 June. The exhibitions will be open all day Saturday and Sunday, and refreshments will be served. We would love you to take part: we just need to know what you’re bringing. Please call Sarah on 9836781 to reserve a place, or use this link or email by Friday 15th June