The Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) Relay to COP26  is continuing!

On Wednesday 28th July I joined the next leg of the Climate Relay walking along the canal from Aldermaston Wharf on its way to Reading for a weekend of Climate related activities.

See further information on events happening in Reading this weekend on the next page

The day began quite nicely with cool overcast weather and a light breeze. However through the morning we literally experienced, hot sun, strong wind, rain (light and torrential) and even thunder at one point!  By the time we arrived at the Cunning Man for lunch we were all rather wet!! 

Though the YCCN have organised the relay, it was lovely to have people of all ages joining in support for the relay and enjoying one another’s company, as we walked to show solidarity for a common desire to bring the climate crisis to the forefront  of everyone’s conscious.

Bishop Olivia (Bishop of Reading) also walked this leg of the relay  and we even got press interest from BBC Meridian

And after lunch the relay continued on its way to Reading

Please click HERE for our Video link

Please do continue to keep the YCCN in your prayers as they continue the Climate Relay all the way to COP26 in

November.  Pray too for ourselves that we can all speak up and play our part in making a difference.   Revd Glynn