You may have noticed that over the past month the Church Tower has been encased in scaffolding, this has been erected to allow contractors access to the top of the tower to give access to the roof, known as the “Pepper Pot”.
Some years ago, a survey had identified problems with the stone roof and that day light could be seen through it.
The Pepper Pot has now been washed down by a specialist contractor to remove the 175 years of algae and dirt. This has allowed for all the erosion to be exposed so that long term repairs to the stone & pointing can now be made by the stone masons.The photographs below show some of the damaged stone work which will need to be cut out and replaced.

The contractors will also be carrying out repairs to the lower parts of the tower, including the lower roofs & gutters. It is anticipated that the works should be completed sometime during August.

The view from the top scaffolding







 Top of Church Tower, you can see the difference in stone colour where it has been cleaned.




Colin & Brian inspecting the stone work at the top of the Tower.






The Church Cross with the clouds in background taken from up on the scaffolding.