Chancel: Christ on the Cross, designed by Burlison & Grylls and given in 1892 in memory of the Rev W F Thursby.

South Transept: Ascension window. The original was destroyed by enemy action in WWII and the current one designed by Edward Payne of Gloucestershire was paid for by the War Damage Commission.

North Transept: Lame man healed, given in the 1880’s.

Nave (south side) 1: St Anne & BVM with  infant Jesus by F C Eden given in the 1926

Nave (south side) 2: King David given in 1969 by then incumbent, Rev Nicholson. Designed by Mr E Liddell Armitage

Nave (south side) 3: Bread of Life. Designed by E Liddell Armitage. Given in 1963

Nave (south side) 4: Centenary window, also the cause of dispute over faculty. Originally designed by James Hogan, modified by James Powell & Sons (Whitefriars) and insalled in 1945.

Nave (north side) 1: Gabriel, designed by Whitefriars Stained Glass studio, given in 1958

Nave (north side) 2: Virgin Mary given in 1961

Nave (north side) 3: Abraham: Also by James Powell & Sons, given in 1965

Nave (north side) 4: Knight, designed by James Hogan and given in 1947.

The King David, Abraham and Bread of Life windows were all subject to controversy at the time of installation.